Author Spotlight | Meet Alex R. Carver: Where There’s a Will

1. Please tell me a bit about yourself

I’m fast approaching the dreaded 40, I’m a big fan of mythology and history, and just about my most favourite place in the world is Egypt, I’ve been there a couple of times and I look forward to going back there at my next opportunity so I can see the Pyramids.

2. How long have you been writing?

I’m coming up to 30 years of writing, off and on, which seems like an incredibly long period of time now I think about it.

3. Is writing your full-time job? Or do you have a career/job outside of writing?

I suppose you could say writing is my full-time job, though it doesn’t yet pay a wage, something I hope will change in the near future.

4. What is the most challenging or least favourite part of writing?

This is a no-brainer for me, marketing/promotion is by favourite my most challenging and least favourite part of writing. I really struggle with it, which is probably why I don’t like it too much.

5. Who is your favourite character and/or villain and why?

I have a number of characters I really like, from a variety of books, but I think Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones is one of my all-time favourites – he’s a complex and interesting person who wants to do the best he can, and isn’t afraid to do what might be unpopular, plus he’s smart and brave. 

6. What genre(s) do you write about? 

I mostly write crime mysteries/thrillers, but I have also written a couple of sci-fi novels I intend publishing eventually and a children’s adventure/mystery a la Enid Blyton’s Famous Five.

7. What is your favourite book?

This is such a tough question, I like so many books in so many different genres.

8. What advice would you offer someone new to writing?

I have a few pieces of advice to give, but if I’m honest, I don’t consider myself qualified to give advice, I haven’t yet earned the right. That said, write as much and as often as you can, and read plenty.

9. Please tell me about your current or upcoming release. 

 My upcoming release is a thriller about a serial killer attacking the daughters of a small English village, Written In Blood is due out in April.

Book Name:
Where There’s A Will

Book Blurb: A kidnapped teen, held who knows where

 3.5 million Euros are demanded in ransom, but is that all the kidnappers want?

Inspector Stone is tasked with finding the girl and bringing her home safely. Hard enough under normal circumstances, but between investigating an unrelated armed robbery, family problems and the machinations of an ambitious underling, it’s almost impossible. When it turns out that the Russian Mafia might be involved in the kidnapping, things begin to spiral out of Stone’s control.  Unknown to either Stone or Alice’s parents, the kidnappers have more in mind than collecting a ransom.  Stone needs to find Alice before the ransom can be paid and the kidnappers can make good on their threats. Or it won’t just be Alice that becomes a victim to their deadly plans…

Book Release Date: Nov 2016





Author Spotlight | Meet Julie Gerber-Tortured Souls: The House on Wellfleets Bluff

1. Please tell me a bit about yourself

I am a nurse, but I haven’t worked outside the home in years. I have built a career that started with blogging. I created a business where I help authors run their social media and book promotions, and then I began publishing as well. One of my favorite things to do is beta read for authors and many of them are award-winning, best-selling authors! Some of my best friends are people I met online. I love the beach, reading, and spending time with my family. I have a Pekingese rescue and she never leaves my side.

2. How long have you been writing?

I’ve been writing a few years. I am working on my first solo book after co-authoring two books that were published in 2016.

3. Is writing your full-time job? Or do you have a career/job outside of writing?

Away We Go Media is the company I built, and that is my full-time job. I enjoy it so much, I am not sure I want that to change. I do enjoy writing when I can. I am also a nurse, but that is my backup plan. 

4. What is the most challenging or least favourite part of writing?

The most challenging part of writing are the distractions. I have two sons. When they are awake, it is almost impossible to focus enough on writing. When they are asleep, I am either tired from working all day or working on something else. I have to make myself write, but I do enjoy it once I get started.

5. Who is your favourite character and/or villain and why?

Don’t laugh. Pippi Longstocking. She has always been one of my favorites. She was a big part of my childhood so I hold her very near to my heart. I devoured those books and I loved that she was strong and could take care of herself. I loved that she wasn’t afraid to be herself. She was loyal and kind. 

6. What genre(s) do you write about?

I have written a paranormal book and a self-help book.

7.What is your favourite book? 

I have a few. I love Gone With The Wind, Pride and Prejudice, and The Chronicles Of Narnia. My favorite indie books are the Slow Burn series by Bobby Adair and Affliction Z series by LT Ryan. I love zombies and end-of-the-world/apocalyptic books. If I find a good one, I can’t put it down.

8.What advice would you offer someone new to writing? 

Avoid vanity publishers. Self-publishing is easy and will save you a lot of money. If you want to go with a traditional publisher, find someone that will pay you. It shouldn’t be the other way around. Also, don’t stop writing, but find a balance. If you don’t put any effort into marketing and promotions, don’t expect people to find your books and read them.

9. Please tell me about your current or upcoming release. 

I am a couple of chapters into my first solo book. I don’t have a release date, but I hope to have it out sometime this year. The book is loosely based on my great-aunt. She was one of the first female doctors in North Carolina and faced many challenges along the way. I have always been fascinated with her story.

Book Name: 

Navigating Indieworld: A Beginner’s Guide to Self-Publishing and Marketing Your Book

Book Blurb:

Social media guru, Julie A. Gerber and award-winning author of forty-three best-selling books, Carole P. Roman, team up to travel the winding road of self-publishing, promoting, and marketing a book. Join these two experts as they share their vast store of experience in an easy to read book.

Learn why you need a beta reader and the importance of a good editor. Make a list of what you need to do when choosing an illustrator. Compare the many ways to promote your book.

Navigating Indieworld will end up being your travel guide as you journey from writer to published author.

Book Release Date: August 31, 2016

Book Name: Tortured Souls: The House On Wellfleet Bluffs

Book Blurb: 

In some towns, the past is easily forgotten. Not in Wellfleet Bluffs. Lynne and Jason buy their dream house online and quickly move to the quaint little town. After unexplained events send them looking for answers, will they become a forgotten part of history or will they find the answers and help the ghosts of the past find peace?

Book Release Date: April 25, 2016





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GF Coconut Cookies #eggfree #soyfree #nutfree

It was a bummer to find out my youngest son has a wheat intolerance. I looove pastries, bread and baked goods.  Obviously. And let’s face it. Gluten-free baked goods just don’t taste the same, and sometimes aren’t as good.  So I’ve been experimenting in the kitchen to come up with tasty gluten-free cookies that my kids will actually like.  Myself included. 😊

The most challenging part, is making cookies that are allergen free.  But I finally came up with something my kids approve of: Coconut Cookies.  They’re gluten-free, egg free, soy free and nut free.


2/3 cup of White rice flour

2/3 cup of Coconut Flour

1/3 cup of Corn Starch

1 cup of Organic Cane Sugar

1/4 cup of Milk

2 tsp. Organic aluminum free baking powder 

 1/2 tsp Pink Himalayan salt

1 cup of Butter


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

2. In a large bowl, whisk together dry ingredients: flours, baking powder & salt.

3. In mixer, whip butter and sugar until light & fluffy.  Add milk and keep mixing.

4. Slowly add flour until well blended.  Scoop dough onto parchment lined baking sheet.

5. Bake for about 10-12 minutes until lightly brown.  Let cool for 2 minutes.

One Lovely Blogger Award

A big thank you to The Purple Almond for nominating me! She blogs about food to heal your body, mind and soul.  So head on over and check it out.


1. Thank the person who nominated you & provide a link to their blog.

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7 Facts About Me

1.  I used to be a Dental Hygienist.

2. I have 4 kids & 3 Yorkies.

3. I’m addicted to junk food.

4. I married my hubby & partner in crime when I was 22.

5. I’ve experienced paranormal activity many times throughout my life.

6. I have a phobia of bugs.  Especially the ones that can fly. I scream like a girl..maybe cause I am one. Lol.

7. I went to an all girl high school.

So instead of listing my nominees, I’m going to open this up to everyone and would like to hear from all of you readers!

Tell me in my comments, one interesting fact about you. And…go!

Book Review: Low Life

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Low Life by Allan Walsh

What it’s about

Callum Green huddles in his dingy apartment, scared and alone – unless you count the corpse of his dead girlfriend in the corner. Even she doesn’t want him here, but he‘s stuck in this nightmare and “They’re” coming for him, he must get out – Now! But ‘The Caretaker’ doesn’t want Callum to leave. He wants to look after Callum… and he’s going to take real good care of him.


Where to find it



My Thoughts

They call me the Caretaker.

Low life is a short horror story about a man named Callum Green who’s trapped in the same nightmare, over and over again. Taunted by the Caretaker, he tries to escape but can’t. Every time he does, he winds up in the same spot: on the brown-tainted mattress in his apartment.

Although this story had a good creep factor to it, it left me hanging with questions and a bit confused.  I wanted to know more about Callum, his girlfriend and his past.

My rating

About the author

Allan Walsh is an ‘Indie’ writer and artist, born in sun–scorched Australia and raised in the grungy suburbs of West London. He is a keen martial arts fan and movie buff, influenced by cult Asian film directors such as Jackie Chan and Stephen Chow, Spec Fiction novelists the like of Joe Abercrombie and graphic novelists such as Wendy and Richard Pini. Allan currently resides in Brisbane, where he enjoys creating new worlds through his writing. 


Website: Allan Walsh



Soy-Free Sauce

Being Asian and having a soy allergy sucks big time! No Chinese food for me 😞.  However, I stumbled across a soy alternative sauce at Bulk Barn a month ago: Organika Coconut Sauce

It’s gluten-free, non-GMO & doesn’t have any MSG.  So I decided to give it a try by making chicken stir-fry.

It might not taste like soy sauce, but it was really good..possibly even better.  If you’re looking for an alternative to soy, give this one a try.

Have you seen this sauce before? Or tried it?

Author Spotlight | Meet Carole P. Roman: If You Were Me And Lived on…Mars #kidlit

I love reading children’s books..Omg.  Wait.  Did I just say that out loud? Lol.  Now that I have kids, it gives me an excuse to read them.  

It’s not everyday that I get to meet an author of a children’s book, so I was stoked to be able to do a Q&A session with Carole P. Roman.

1.  How long have you been writing?

I started writing in 2012 when my kids dared me to write a book. I started with Captain No Beard and forty books later, I am doing about 6 books per year.

2.  Was this your dream job as a kid? If not, what did you want to be? 

I always wanted to be a writer, but my first dream was being an actress. My parents urged me to become a teacher, because of the stability and I ended up owning several businesses unrelated to anything in my life. We employ hundreds of people. I have made an impact in my field, starting with nothing, so I do have my dream job. Writing is icing on a very large cake.

3.  What is your favorite genre?

Love romance, regency is my favorite. I love to read history non-fiction. I’ll read anything, though. I have to read like I have to breathe.

4.  Least favorite genre?


5. Is writing your full-time job? Or do you have a career outside of writing?

I am president of several corporations ranging from transportation to real estate. All the businesses are family owned and I have fun every day of my life.

6.  If you could be any character, who would it be and why?

My favorite books are ShoGun. I loved the character Blackthorn- his sense of adventure and ability to learn. 

7.  What genre do you write about?

Children’s’ fiction and non-fiction

 8.  What is/are your current release(s)?

If You Were Me and Lived on…Mars. It’s part of my culture series and takes children on a trip out of this world. This book explores what life would be like on the Red Planet.

I also just finished One to Ten Squirrel’s Bad Day which is a book about coping when problems seem overwhelming. Lastly, If You Were Me and lived in…the Ancient Mali Empire was released. It touches on life for a young girl living under Mansa Musa’s rule. It explains the customs and culture of the vast Mali empire.

If You Were Me and Lived on…Mars by Carole P. Roman

What It’s About

Join Carole P. Roman when she blasts off to colonize the planet Mars, in the newest book of her informative series. Learn about how life would be living on the Red Planet. Travel to Olympus Mons, the largest volcano in the solar system. Look into the sky and watch Phobos and Deimos, Mars’ two moons. Discover what you would wear, and how the seasons change. See Mars through the eyes of an adventurous youngster like you and understand what life is like in a trip of a lifetime. Don’t forget to look at the other books in the series so that you can be an armchair traveler.

Book Release Date:
January 9, 2017






Author Spotlight | Meet RL Jackson: Crashing Into Me #romance 

Some of you may have had the pleasure of meeting your favourite author at a book signing, or have even had the opportunity to sit down with a few indie authors for a Q&A session.  Well..I’m very excited to be doing my very first author Q&A with RL Jackson!

1. How long have you been writing?

I’ve been writing for about twenty years. It started with short stories in middle school, then evolved into screenwriting and eventually I decided to try my hand at a novel. I loved the Babysitters Club and began writing what would be fan fiction now, but with myself and friends as the characters. We’d pass them back and forth in class, so needless to say it was “frowned upon” by my teachers lol.

2. Was this your dream job as a kid? If not, what did you want to be?

As a kid, I wanted to be a singer and actress and I actually started recording an album. My passion though was always writing so I did write all my own songs at the time I was also writing my short stories.

3. What is your favourite genre? 

My fav genre is Romance, Post-apocalyptic and supernatural but they have to have an element of romance in it. Nothing better than, fighting to stay alive with the person you love lol

4. Least favourite genre?

Anything dealing with demons or occult type material. Supernatural has its limits with me but it depends on the delivery too.

5. Is writing your full-time job? Or do you have a career/job outside of writing?

Writing is my full time job. It’s my business, so I’m all in. I did have a job outside of this world, but it bothered me to put in ten or more hours working on someone else’s dream while mine lay dormant. That’s when I knew it was time to get serious, or leave it as a hobby.

6. If you could be any character, who would it be and why?

If I could be any character, I guess it wouldn’t matter as long as she kicked butt. I like Buffy, Wonder Woman and Mary from “Hancock”. A combination of all three would be awesome!

7. What genre(s) do you write about?

I write romance, post-apocalyptic, supernatural and YA fantasy. I’m still in the developmental stages story wise so I’m still planning my novels and release schedule for the remainder of the year.

8. Please tell me about your current or upcoming release. 

My new release is coming out Feb 14, 2017 and it’s called Crashing Into Me. It’s a romance novel, about opposite attraction but involves, redemption, forgiveness, forced proximity and real everyday flaws. I tried to remit a lot of the clichés you might find in older romance titles like the ones I grew up reading, as love and human beings aren’t perfect in real life. My goal was to tell a story that would shake things up a bit, while keeping the central characters and their circumstances as realistic as possible.

9. Which book that you’ve written are you most proud of and why?

I would say this one as it’s the debut, lol. It took a long while to get to this point, and I just hope people enjoy it.

Crashing Into Me by RL Jackson

What It’s About

A year after being left at the altar, headstrong E.R Nurse, Lana McKenzie is finally piecing her life back together. Tired of dealing with seeing her ex and his new girlfriend at every turn, she longs for blissful solitude and can’t wait to enjoy a peaceful vacation alone in the mountains. However, her plans go awry when a rude stranger literally embeds himself into her life and mind.
Handsome, wealthy, and troubled, Kayden Capshaw is struggling with the death of his brother, while also trying to escape the claws of his controlling mother. In his grief, the last thing Kayden wants to deal with is the fallout from his last run in with the law. Yet, he also longs to get to know the woman now snowed in with him at the house on the hill. 
The ice between them thaws every minute they spend together, and they find that they have more in common than they realize. Will they find a way to make it through, or will it all, like the snow, melt away?

Book Release Date: Feb 14, 2017


Website: www.