It’s Fri-YAY..and you know what that means..it’s time for another episode of fave characters, except today, I am featuring my favourite villain.

DARTH VADER!! Funny enough, it also happens to be May 4th! (How fitting).

Why he’s so badass:

– Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith was my favourite. I loved the whole transition from good to evil. The scene where Anakin is saved and they put on his helmet..OMG. It gave me goosebumps!!

– He has very cool powers: Force choke, Force Push & telekinesis to name a few

-His armor & lightsaber

Who’s your favourite villain?


5 thoughts on “[#FictionFridays]

  1. Hello Button-Eyed Reader and MTFBWY! I have to agree Darth Vader takes some beating as a villain (literally!) His armour was also made from Mandalorian Iron (sometimes called Beskar) and his boots even had special electromagnetic soles so he could stick to the hulls of spaceships…on the OUTSIDE. He was the original Sith Spider-man! But I would mention Sheeve Palpatine…the leader of the Senate….The Emperor! After all the Emperor was the person pulling all the strings.

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  2. Hello again. And there was an even more sinister aspect about the armoured suit. The Emperor purposely gave Vader a heavy, cumbersome and uncomfortable prosthetic to make Vader’s life as miserable as possible because the Sith derive their power from anger and emotional pain. So keeping Vader in this cocoon of itching pain fuelled his rage and made him powerful! Another reason why Palpatine/the Emperor was pure evil to have come up with a scheme like this.

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