Nerds with ink: Meet Sarah #nerdswithink

Hello bloggers! It’s the Friday..Yay! What does everyone have planned this weekend?

Today I have Sarah from Sarah Reads joining us to show off her awesome tattoos and piercings! You can visit her blog and find her on Instagram @sarahreadss

Hey Sarah 👋 Thanks for being here! Should I call you Sarah? Or do your friends call you something else?

My friends call me Sare or Saz.

Okay. I like Sare! So mentioned you worked in the gaming industry. How cool is that?! I love video games (particularly Super Mario & Pokemon), eventhough I suck. Is your office/employer okay with you sporting your tattoos & piercings openly?

Yay! Thank you! They allow visible tattoos and piercings which is nice. I wouldn’t know what I would do if they wouldn’t!

How many tattoos do you currently have & where are they located?

I have seven tattoos, two on my left arm, two on the bottom of my shins, one on each calf and one on my thigh!

Are they all by the same artist?

Nope. Three different artists at the same tattoo parlour!

How old were you when you got your first tattoo? What did you get & What made you do it?

I was 21 when I got my first tattoo. I got a desert setting with four elephants walking across the sand..I knew I always wanted tattoos and the four elephants represent me, my mum, dad and brother. I chose elephants because they are an animal that represents dementia as they always remember. My grandma was diagnosed with alzheimer’s, therefore I wanted something to link to her and how my family will never forget her or one another.

Wow. That’s amazing! I love that!! Sorry to hear about your grandma. ☹ My grandmother suffered from Dementia for many years before she passed. We weren’t that close though.

Did/Do your parents know? What do they think?

My parents know. My dad wasn’t too pleased to begin with, but he doesn’t like tattoos in general. However, I think me having them has made him more accepting and he actually likes some of them now.

What are the other tattoos you have & what do they each mean?

They are all black and white. I have some forget me not flowers which are for my grandma, she passed away last year so I always knew I wanted something to represent her.

I have 011, which is from Stranger Things..I LOVE THAT SHOW!

Two bioshock tattoos. I did Games Design at University, so video games have played a big part in my life. Then I have no face from Spirited Away, and turnip head from Howl’s Moving Castle, just because I love them!

Omg..I love Stranger Things! Eleven is my fave character 🙂

Has anyone ever said anything negative about your ink or piercings? Or have people generally been accepting of it?

People have generally been accepting! I think tattoos are becoming a lot more mainstream now and so many people have them! People seem to be more negative towards the ones which don’t have meaning behind them! I am wanting more and have had people tell me not to, as it will ‘ruin’ what I look like..stuff em’!

If you have any tattoos that are visible and can’t be covered by clothing, did you find it hard to find employment?

I used to work in retail through University and they would not allow any visible tattoos, so I would have found it very different to wear anything without long sleeves then. If I had anything that couldn’t be covered, I don’t think they would have employed me! Maybe if I changed the type of job I had now I would find things more difficult.

Do you think you’ll get anymore? Or is this it for you?

I would like a half sleeve on my arm and both legs covering! If only tattoos were free, I would probably have them all now! But I must be patient (my worst nightmare) and wait!

Anyone have any tattoos inspired by favourite books, movies or characters? I wanna hear from you and see those cool tattoos!


Inked Professionals: Meet Terri @terriawilson

Hey Everyone! TGIF..well, for most of you anyway. For me, it’s my Tuesday at work!

So last month I introduced Nerds with ink. This segment is called Inked Professionals, which features people who work or have worked in an office/corporate environment and sport tattoos under their suits.

Today I am featuring the lovely Terri Wilson, a former High School teacher and College professor, who’s current profession is a writer and editor. You can visit her blog at:

Hi Terri! Thanks for joining us today.

Does everyone call you Terri or Do your friends call you something different? My given name is Teresa, but everyone calls me Terri.

What made you want to get a tattoo (story behind it if there is one)? Where is it located?

I’m not necessarily a fast learner, so for me I wanted to tattoo my mantra on my body so I would see it all the time. I also wanted thought the connection between the pain of getting the tattoo would really make it sink into my head. I don’t see myself as a masochist, but I knew something dramatic would not soon be forgotten. (I hope that makes sense) It’s located on the inside of my left forearm.

Did you ever think in your wildest dreams, this is something you would ever do? Or does this not come as a surprise to those who are close to you?

I’ve wanted one for years, but just never pulled the trigger. I drove past the parlor one day and when I finally pulled in, that was spontaneous. I don’t think it came as a surprise to anyone. I kept it pretty quiet though, until it was finished.

How did you find the artist? Did you do a lot of research? Or did you just randomly choose a shop?

My husband got two tattoos several years ago and HE did a TON of research. So I just went to the one he went to. The parlor I chose was a the first woman-owned parlor in my town. I love her work and I wanted to support her. She does a lot of work with breast cancer survivors and young women who want to cover cutting. So go Girl Boss

Do your children know about it? What do they think?

My children loved it. They like to draw on themselves and sometimes they draw very elaborate designs. I’m sure as soon as they are older enough they will get one.

As a mother, would you let your children get one? And at what age would you allow it?

Absolutely. I would just caution them to wait long enough to make sure they get one they really want. I also want them to understand that even though I nor her dad care about tattoos, not everyone is going to feel that way. Depending on what career field they choose, they may need to get it in a place where it can be hidden. Our state won’t allow it until they are 18 and I want them to go to a clean honest place, so they have to at least be 18.

From your bio, you’ve had quite the career! Are you still teaching? If not, do you currently work in an office or from home?

I stopped teaching in a classroom when my first was born. I wanted to stay home. However, now I homeschool my kids, so I guess I’m still teaching. I also like the idea of teaching others anything I learn with writing, blogging, and editing. I’m currently working in my official “formal living room”. I used the spare bedroom for awhile, but I gave that up for my kids. I’ve also set myself up to be pretty mobile so I can work from anywhere.

Is your tattoo visible while working? Or do you keep it hidden?

I don’t hide my tattoo. I don’t have to. Now my husband prefers to keep his hidden while at work.

Have you had any negative reactions to your tattoo? Or have people in your circle of friends, family & co-workers been accepting of it?

No, at least not to my face. Everyone loves it. I think it when they know why I did it and what it means to me, it makes a lot of sense.

Do you have any future plans for more? If so, what do you think you will get?

Yes, I want to get a couple tattoo with my husband. We’ve been thinking about doing puzzles pieces that go together. We just can’t decide on what to put on the puzzle pieces or where to put them. I also want to get something with a steampunk slant. I’ve seen some of an octopus with a corset. So I’m thinking something like that. I’d also like to do some in honor of my children. Their totems (I chose them so it’s not real for them, just me) are a lady bug and a dragon fly. So something with that.

For those of you who work in a corporate or office environment and have tattoos, is your body art visible? Or does it need to remain hidden?

Let me know! I’d love to hear about it.

Nerds With Ink: Meet Darque Dreamer @DarqueDreamer #Tattoos #nerdswithink

If you didn’t already know, I will be starting a new segment on my blog called “Pass the ink”. I’m hoping for it to be a monthly post, which features booknerds/bloggers (like us) and people with corporate jobs who have inked skin.

I thought this would be a neat and fun way to meet other bookworms and possibly even other bloggers.

For most of us with tattoos, there’s a reason or deep meaning as to why we chose it and because of my appreciation for body art, I’m always curious to hear someone else’s story behind their ink.

Today, I have the lovely DARQUE DREAMER who has kindly agreed to be my first feature. Yay! If you have time, feel free to check out her blog (just click on her name).

Ready? Here we go:

1) Name or Nickname your friends call you: Adri/Adee

2) How many tattoos do you have? I have one tattoo at the moment. Working on getting healthy again with my diabetes so I can get some more!

3) How old were you when you got it? I worked hard for two years to get my blood sugars under control so I could get my first tat at age 18.

4) What does it mean/symbolize? What’s the story behind it? My tattoo is a Celtic triquetra with a rose blooming out of it. I studied wicca for several years in high school and fell in love with the triquetra,which can symbolize the triple goddess or protection. I have always had a love for roses and thought it would be beautiful to combine the two. I also figured that if I ever changed my faith to one of the Christian variety, that the triquetra could also symbolize the holy trinity, and of course, I would never stop loving roses. My best friend at the time drew the tattoo for me, so that made it very special. I had done immense research in to the artist I chose to do the ink, and my mother worked with a doctor who’s husband was on the health inspection board, so he gave the okay for the tattoo parlor. My piece is a little more special to me at the moment because the incredible artist, John, passed away a few years ago from a heart condition, and he was such a happy, fun loving guy, and always had a smile for his customers.

5) Do you have any piercings? If so, where are they located? I have 5 piercings in each year, an eyebrow, nose, and lip piercing.

6) Do you currently work or go to school? I am currently a house wife, but did go to college, and worked in a medical lab for several years.

7) Does your work/school allow visible tattoos or piercings? My work place as a lab tech allowed a small nose stud, and conservative earrings, but no visible facial piercings, and no visible “offensive tattoos.” I did work as a hair salon receptionist for a year before becoming a housewife, and that was the most relaxed atmosphere ever! The owner has several visible piercings and tattoos and allowed us to have everything visible.

8) Has anyone ever made a negative comment about your body art? I have not had a negative comment about my tattoo or piercings, but I usually don’t give people the chance. I try to be all smiles and polite in public, but I don’t spend a lot of time around people who don’t return smiles.

9) Any future plans for more ink or piercings? I do have plans for more ink, and a septum piercing, as long as I am able to get my type 1 diabetes under control. Due to a lowered immune system, and very slow healing, if my blood sugars are not under control, I am at higher risk for infection and healing issues.

Thanks for doing this Adee! (I think I like that name more).

Do you have any tattoos? If so, please hit me up. I’d love to hear your story, see some pics & feature it!!